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Eye-Pal Ace unites exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it a truly accurate revolutionary electronic reader and magnifier.

Read a book on the couch; go through a menu at a restaurant; fill out a form at the doctor's office; accomplish a multitude of other tasks.

A pair of headphones easily plugs in right on the front of the device: keep Eye-Pal Ace reading out loud just to you in a crowded waiting room.

Take Eye-Pal Ace with you wherever you could use a reader.

A form to read and sign? No problem! Place the form under the Eye-Pal Ace's camera “eyes” and press the scan button. Eye-Pal Ace will immediately begin reading the form out loud, displaying and highlighting the magnified text as it is being read (plug in a pair of headphones, so that no one hears your Eye-Pal Ace but you). Once done reading, place the last page under the Eye-Pal Ace's camera “eyes” again and choose the Live Magnification mode. See the signature line clearly and sign the document with confidence.

With no wires, cables or stick-out arms, with its natural feel and sleek design, Eye-Pal Ace is the one cool gadget to use at home and take along when on the go.



Display:                    10-inch (diagonal) colro display

Document size:        A4 and Letter

Weight:                    3.5 lbs

Power:                      Rechargeable battery and/or A/C

Controls:                   Built-in thumbwheels and large buttons

Dimensions:              Hand-held: 11" x 10.5" x 3"

Camera:                    Two 5 MP auto-focus HD cameras

Light source:            Dual anti-glare built-in ultra bright LEDs

Time to read:            Typically 3 seconds or less

AudioMinder:           Audio-guided Actvity Center

Stored formats:        JPEG, MP3, TXT

Connection ports:    Headphone plug,power source plug, USB port

Energy-saving features:    Auto-standby preserves battery; Auto-sleep mode for display

Language options:            Twenty-one world languages


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