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The Lighthouse Clinician's Guide to Low Vision Practice


The Lighthouse Clinician's Guide to Low Vision Practice is a comprehensive and updated publication from the experts at Lighthouse International. Authors include: Eleanor E. Faye, MD, FACS; Lisa Chan-O'Connell, OD, FAAO; Michael Fischer, OD, FAAO; Benjamin Freed, OD, FAAO; Linda Pang, OD; and  Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO.

This book has been endorsed by Mary Lou Jackson, MD, Chair of the Vision Rehabilitation Committee, American Academy of Ophthalmology, and John Musick, OD, Chair of the Low Vision Section of the American Academy of Optometry.

The Lighthouse Clinician's Guide to Low Vision Practice helps clinicians understand low vision principles, enhances their knowledge of disease consequences, provides insight for addressing patient complaints, and increases the effectiveness of treatment - both medical and surgical - through low vision rehabilitation.

This book will help ophthalmologists and optometrists learn to:

  • Indentify low vision patients
  • Evaluate functional impairment and correlate it to a patient's disease
  • Assess how medical and surgical interventions impact a patient's functional vision
  • Perform low vision refraction and prescribe appropriate low vision devices
  • Intergrate low vision care and vision rehabilitation components into their practice

 The Lighthouse Clinician's Guide to Low Vision Practice was supported by a grant from the Sanna and Victor  Borge Memorial Fund.

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